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Department of Environment

Environmental management in Malaysia become more focussed with the gazzettement of the Environmental Quality Act (EQA) on 14 March 1974. From thereon, an enforcement agency named Environment Division (known as Department of Environment (DOE) in 1983) was institutionalised in 1975. Presently, the Department is empowered with 1568 staffs (on full operation), extending its operation through 15 States Offices and 26 Branch Offices.

The Department's main role is to prevent, control and abate pollution through the enforcement of the EQA,1974 and its 34 subsidiary legislation made thereunder.

Responsibilities:- Regulation and enforcement of Environmental Quality Act; Air and water pollutions; EIA regulations; Siting and zoning of new projects; Scheduled waste.

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驻新加坡代表处成立于2004年6月10日,是中国国际贸易促进委员会(简称为中国贸促会, 英文CCPIT)派出的面向东盟10国的代表机构。中国贸促会已有半个多世纪的历史,是蜚声中外的中国最大、历史最长的经贸促进机构。中国贸促会的宗旨 是:开展促进对外贸易、利用外资、引进外国先进技术及各种形式的中外经济技术合作等活动,促进中国同世界各国、各地区之间的贸易和经济关系的发展,增进中 国同世界各国人民以及经贸界之间的了解与友 谊。

中国贸促会在境内设立有800多个分支机构,在境外有17个代表处,拥有覆盖面广阔的工作网 络。中国贸促会驻新加坡代表处的主要工作是:促进中国与新加坡和东盟各国间的贸易、互相投资和各种形式的经济技术合作等,增进中国同东盟各国人民以及经贸 界之间的了解与友谊。

i Georgetown Penang

CULTURE and heritage are two invaluable assets of Penang. In response to the lack of an integrated and comprehensive information on them, Sympologic Sdn Bhd has founded iGeorgeTown, a privately-driven and primarily privately-funded nine-channel information platform to benefit (1) a wide audience including local and international travellers and mass media consumers and (2) the local economy especially the travel and hospitality, and arts industries.

The addition of George Town to UNESCO’s World Heritage List on July 7, 2008, has also added new urgency for such a platform. Among the heritage and culture destinations the world over, George Town stands out as a living “intercultural city” with a mix of practices that has evolved from the contact and engagement of peoples from Southeast Asia, the Far East, the Indian Subcontinent, Europe and the Middle East. We will adopt this “living intercultural city” concept as the main theme of this project. 

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Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)

Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), is Malaysia's national trade promotion agency. Established in March 1993, MATRADE's primary role is to assist Malaysian exporters to develop and expand their export markets. Assisted by a network of 39 overseas offices located in major commercial cities around the world, MATRADE provides a wide range of services and assistance to both Malaysian exporters and foreign importers who are sourcing for trade related information.

Responsibilities:- Promotion and development of Malaysia’s external trade with particular emphasis on manufactured and semi-manufactured products and services; Enhancement and protection of Malaysia’s international trade investment abroad; Source for trade related information. 

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Malaysia Property Incorporated

Malaysia Property Incorporated is a Malaysian Government initiative set up under the Economic Planning Unit to promote real estate investments into Malaysia. As the first port-of-call for real estate queries, Malaysia Property Inc. connects interested parties through an extensive network of government agencies, private sector companies, real estate firms, business councils and real estate-related associations. MPI caters to both the retail and institutional real estate investor, with a current focus on the Asia Pacific market. 

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Malaysian Industrial Development Authority(MIDA)

The Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) is the government's principal agency for the promotion of the manufacturing and services sectors in Malaysia. MIDA assists companies which intend to invest in the manufacturing and its related services sectors, as well as facilitates the implementation of their projects. The wide range of services provided by MIDA include providing information on the opportunities for investments, as well as facilitating companies which are looking for joint venture partners. MIDA also assists companies interested in venturing abroad for business opportunities.

Responsibilities:- Investment and Promotions; Manufacturing Licensing; Application for Incentives and Grants. 

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Responsibilities:- Plan, formulate and implement policies on industrial development, international trade and investment.

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MSC Malaysia

MSC Malaysia is your gateway to growing profits in Asia's booming information and communications technology (ICT) markets. Modeled after Silicon Valley, it gives you the best of first-world knowledge and infrastructure, at developing-nation costs.

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Penang Development Corporation

Spearheading the development of Penang towards a brighter future. Through industrialisation, tourism and trade promotion, human resource development and strategic investments, as well as working closely with the people, the private sector and other government agencies, the Corporation has transformed Penang into a state of progress with a resilient economy ready to move forward in the new millennium.

- Rental/Leasing of Industrial Property; Industrial Park Development; Entrepreneur Development and Investment. 

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Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC)

The PSDC (Penang Skills Development Centre) was established in 1989 and is the pioneer tripartite, industry-led skills training and education centre in Malaysia.

Responsibilities:- Human resource development; Corporate training and team building and Shared learning for manufacturing and services industries. 

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The Penang Career Assistance and Talent Centre (Penang CAT Centre)

The Penang Career Assistance and Talent Centre (Penang CAT Centre), is set up by the Penang Government to retain, attract and increase the talent pool in Penang. The Centre will also work with their Partners and Associates to create job and business opportunities to inspire talents to join Penang's professional workforce. We also invite employers looking to fill job vacancies to talk to us.

Responsibilities:- Be the resource and networking centre in matching professionals, both Malaysians and global citizens, who want to work in Penang, with employers who are hiring.

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