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"Small is Beautiful" as denoted by Schumacher, works out well for Penang as it is not necessarily that "bigger is better". As the second smallest State in Malaysia, Spreading over 1,031 sq. km, with 293 sq. km on Penang Island and 738 sq. km on Mainland Penang, Penang is the top 3 most developed and industrialised State in the country.

The year-round equatorial climate, which is warm and sunny, together with plentiful rainfall, especially during the southwest monsoon from April to September, contributes to Penang's attraction as an investment and tourism centre.

Quality of Life – Conducive Work and Play Environment, Leisurely Lifestyle and Never Ending Indulgence in World Famous Cuisines

Recreation & Sports

Recreational and sporting facilities in Penang are par excellence. There is countless number of hotels and restaurants to pick from. Likewise there are also numerous sports clubs offering a wide range of sporting facilities. For golf enthusiasts, Penang offers four golf courses that provides 18-holes and 36-holes facilities.

Tourism & Places of Interest

Penang offers a wide array of attractions, from food to shopping, from heritage to eco-tourism, and from beach to health tourism.

Penang was ranked 22nd among the 44 top places to go in 2009 by readers of New York Times. It is one of the two destinations in Southeast Asia in this ranking.

George Town, the capital of Penang, together with Malacca, in the southern part of Peninsula Malaysia were inscribed the UNESCO World Heritage Site on July 7, 2008. George Town was also ranked as the 9th most liveable city among 49 Asian cities and 63 among 254 cities worldwide by ECA International in 2008.


The average person enjoys reasonable high standard of living in Penang. Amenities and conveniences of modern living are easily accessible.


In addition to public and private institutes of higher learning that are easily available in Penang, children of expatriates serving in Penang have various choices of international schools that offer British, American, Japanese and Taiwanese syllabus to select.


Today, three-quarters of the revenues from health tourism in Malaysia are from Penang. There are more than ten private hospitals in Penang offering various specialisations in healthcare.

Housing and Modern Amenities

Penang is one of the top destinations for the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) participants. Additionally, the higher end residential properties are a hit with foreign buyers or Penangites who are now working and residing overseas.


Historically, Penang was a shopping haven because of its free port status. Today, shopping in Penang has transcended to up-market shopping, depicting the well-known global brands.


The New York Times, in January 2009 ranked Penang in the top 12 places in the food categories. Penang was cited as the culinary capital of Malaysia and one of Southeast Asia’s liveliest street-food scenes. Likewise, Penang was voted the Best Street Food 2004 by Time Magazine.