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Your INVESTMENT DESTINATION for Next-Generation Technology

Penang today has successfully developed one of the highest concentrations of ICT activity and related employment in the world.


Penang is a dynamic location for investment in Malaysia for companies in the ICT and electronics industry. It has successfully undergone an intensive and impressive process of industrial and technological transformation over the past 35 years from being labour intensive with low technical into high technology, skill and capital-intensive operation.

Today Penang is known as the ‘Silicon Island of the East’.

Penang pioneered Malaysia’s first Free Industrial Zone (FIZ) to promote and facilitate the development of export-oriented electronics manufacturing. Strategic location, attractive incentives , pro-business government, reliable infrastructural facilities combined with experienced & skilled workforce are key factors why Penang has become the global electronics manufacturing hub.

The Electronics industry in Penang attracts strategic global investments from some of the top companies and supported by a large number of local companies with diverse activities which includes the development, manufacture, provision and distribution of the industry’s entire value chain of products and services. Some of these companies have grown to become global players.

This high-performance electronics cluster includes companies that manufacture products that flow through a dynamic supply chain system producing: Components, Subassemblies, devices together with facilities providing high-performance electronic systems and services. These include materials suppliers, laboratories, equipment & systems producers, software.

The Electronics industry includes the full range of high technology activities such as high value- added manufacturing, Research and Development, Supply Chain Management, Shared Services, Software Development and Technical Support and services.